be part of your jewelry's story

Customized for you

The first steps of creating custom jewelry is made easier with the Project Planner. Filling it out covers all the basics for us to dive deeper into the design process of creating the perfect piece.


Once you submit your Project planner, we set a date for a consultation to start the design process.

In-person meetings are held at my studio in downtown Portland (otherwise we schedule a call).

Together we will discuss styles, stones, your budget, deadlines and more. I'll work with you in creating a piece that both feels true to you and fits your lifestyle.

The making begins

Once your design is finalized and the stones have been sourced and are in-hand, I can start creating.

I carve each piece by hand in wax and schedule a day to cast your jewelry in gold. If you are local to Portland (or want to travel), you can join me in the casting of your jewelry.

The total creation process usually takes between 4-8 weeks, but it can depend on design complexities and time of year.

When the jewelry is finished, I invite you to pick up the piece or ship it to you with insurance.